I’ve had plenty of people ask me ‘Which is the best sweetener to use?’ To be honest, I had no idea. I was using agave, after someone told me how good it was. Wanting some more information, I did a bit of research on sweeteners and here is my conclusion!

Agave: High in fructose

Stevia: Derived from a plant

Maple Syrup: Naturally derived

Honey: Unprocessed & in the rawest form

Rice Malt Syrup: Low fructose & cheap

Coconut Sugar: Basically a healthy version of raw sugar


Agave: If you are after a toffee flavour but only if you don’t mind the high fructose content.

Stevia: Mainly used in baking. If using a recipe with a high sugar content, I will replace the amount of sugar with half the amount of liquid sweetener & 1 tsp of Stevia. Stevia can taste different from person to person and some people may not enjoy to taste.

Maple Syrup: When you are after a maple flavour. I use maple in most of my cooking as it is low fructose, unprocessed & tastes delicious! The only problem is, it can be an expensive choice.

Honey: Honey would be my 2nd sweetener of choice. It is also unprocessed & a naturally raw sweetener. It has a distinct flavour, so use it when you are after that honey taste.

Rice Malt Syrup: Rice malt syrup is perfect for baking as it is a low fructose & cheap option. I will use this when baking big batches! It is the go to sweetener when you aren’t after a specific flavour!

Coconut Sugar: I will use Coconut Sugar when I am baking foods to train on. I don’t worry too much about what I am eating whilst training as I use the energy up straight away. If you are after a naughty treat, use Coconut Sugar as it is marginally healthier than raw sugar.