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How to Loose Weight While Training

I am not a nutritionist and am not claiming to be one. I am only giving this information to help others. You can read & take on the following information at your own discretion. Whilst training in any sport, especially endurance sports, athletes struggle to loose weight while maintaining form. In the olden days, it was […]

Why cook with Coconut Oil?

bottles of cooking oils

When heating vegetable oils, their antioxidants become damaged and oxidized, which actually results in a toxic burden on your body! Coconut oil has the ability to resist heat damage due to it being a near completely saturated fat. It all comes down to the molecular structure of the oil. If you want to read about […]

The sweetener debate

I’ve had plenty of people ask me ‘Which is the best sweetener to use?’ To be honest, I had no idea. I was using agave, after someone told me how good it was. Wanting some more information, I did a bit of research on sweeteners and here is my conclusion! Agave: High in fructose Stevia: Derived […]