In 2011 my mum and I took a trip to Copenhagen and found some amazing raw food restaurants. Copenhagen is the most eco-friendly city I have been to. Most restaurants promote organic eating and everybody rides their bikes everywhere! (The bike lanes are just as big, if not bigger, than the motor vehicle lanes.)

We visited Raw 42 where I ordered the tapas plate so I could try everything. It came with a raw lasagna (layers of zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, nut cheese and tomato chutney), raw pizza (flaxseed bread with nut cheese, slice of tomato, tomato salsa and vinegar onions) and a raw sandwich (which was basically the same as the pizza but had a lid).

We also visited The Raw Tribe where we had raw rice paper rolls and salads (the photo says it all)

For breakfast we went to the Launderette Cafe where we had a beautiful platter of fruit.

We also visited Bio Mio where we had the Quinoa risotto with the crudites and raw hummus.